FFT Spectrum Analyzer (Level, Power, Noise Density) & Wave Generator

HpW Works V3.5.0 is a software based signal (audio) measurement system for the MS Windows platform.
Analyzes a DUT using a sound card, wave files and text (ASCII) files.
Analysis feature set:
- Level Spectrum, Power Spectrum and Spectrum Density with real time FFT
- Fast Frequency Resonce using low crest flat, pink & brown stimuli signal files
- Fast SMP channel processing where each channel is assigned to a physical CPU
- X-axis scale with linear, logarithmic, center or custom scaling range
- Y-axis scale (Volt & Watt) and dB/Hz or dB/rtHz
- Various signal analysis are performed like RMS, DR, THD, THD-N and more.
- Input calibration
Wave generator:
- DC, sine, sine & harmonics and multi sine
- IM (various), Noise, jitter test signals, test pattern and custom wave file
Sound card interface:
- WASAPI Exclusive mode, ASIO Synchron I/O, ASIO Multi Client, MME and WDM
- Input & output, each with different interface mode, sample rate and bit size (16, 24,32).
HpW Frontpage: Startup

HpW-Works startup and workspace reservation. To read more, please consult the help file using the "Beginner's Guide" book.

HpW Frontpage: Ready state

HpW-Works ready state.

HpW Frontpage: Running state

HpW-Works running state.

HpW Frontpage: 384kHz dual mono speed

384kHz sample rate using L/R channel (dual mono speed)

HpW Frontpage: RME Fireface UC Jitter Test

RME Fireface UC Jitter Test

HpW Frontpage: BabyFace Analog

RME BabyFace analog test using D-Jitter with 33 Mio sample size. Central X-axis central scale. Zooming into milli Herz (mHz)…

HpW Frontpage: RME Fireface UC Analog linear scale

RME Fireface UC Analog y-axis 40uV linear scale

HpW Frontpage: Linearity Test

RME BayFace linearity test digital vs. Analog

HpW Frontpage: Monotonic wave file

Custom monotonic wave file to play with the Wave Generator (see more on HpW Tech)

HpW Frontpage: 20/24/28/32 Bit

Special digital format using L/R channel to have larger bits size.

HpW Frontpage: Burst Shaped 400 Hz Spectrum

Burst Shaped 400 Hz Spectrum

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- Level Spectrum, Power Spectrum and Spectrum Density with real time FFT